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Find, Contact Guardians, and Release Students during Emergencies.

• Shows your student roster.
• Coordinates emergency data with other devices.
• Creates and controls reports for emergency responders.

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Seeker opens with a screen of your student roster. They start with the “?” for unknown. Simply hold down the "?, F, or C" to make a change. “F” to indicate you have found them, “C” when you contact their legal guardians, and “R” for released off campus.

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Once found, a student’s contact information is easily retrieved and a call can be initiated by the school staff to start pick up procedures.

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In emergency situations, it is more useful to search and process students in groups. Watch the video above for details.

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You can reset the system for the next emergency situation using Preferences. See above for details.

In a large scale emergency, all school staff using Seeker to find, contact, and release students can get together and synchronize their sessions with one another using Air Drop. This creates a single, consolidated list of students who have been found and hence those who are missing during an emergency event.

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