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Locate, Identify and Guide Students

• Display your student roster with photos & ID numbers
• Coordinate student schedule, class room, and motivation
• Create and share reports for school administrator

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View individual student information, including their picture (if available), Home Room number, each class per period and the room number/teacher for those classes. Notes can be added to encourage or discipline the student.

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Simply select a period/tardy for the student to drill down on the reasons for actions.

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Radar may be used to establish Tardies that happen per period. Detentions can be assigned from Tardies as required.

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Contact guardians if necessary. If Radar is being used on an iPhone, the call can be made from within the app by simply clicking on the phone number.

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You may "Flag" a student in your notes for future guidance or to indicate a medical condition.

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You may search for a student by name, date of birth, and many other keys. Play the video above to investigate all the ways.

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