Tools for School Administrators

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Contains Radar, Seeker, Picture, Tardy, & Detention

Puts Student Data in Your Hand, Including …
  • Name
  • Grade
  • Age
  • Photos
  • Class Schedule
  • Emergency Contact Info
  • Motivational Notes
  • Medical/Special Needs Info
  • Room Numbers
  • Teachers

Empowers Administrators During an Emergency
  • Use Cell Phones to …
  • Mark Students Found & Released
  • Mark Groups/Classrooms Found & Released
  • Make Emergency Contacts On The Spot
  • Synchronize Lists of Found & Released Students
  • Print a Report for Emergency Responders wirelessly

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Makes Student IDs on the spot using Your iPhone or iPad
  • Takes a Student's Picture
  • Provides a Template for the StudentID
  • Ships the New StudentID off for Printing
  • Print Student Temporary IDs wirelessly

Speeds Students to Class
  • Scans Student IDs
  • Fast Name or DoB Lookup w/o IDs
  • Automatic Detention Generation
  • Print Tardy Slips OTA
  • Synchronize Tardy Sweeps wirelessly

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Manages Detention Rooms/Students
  • Track Detention Rooms
  • Enter Students with Detentions
  • Clear Detentions once Served
  • Create Reports for Detentions

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