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Hall Locker & Locker Room
Make Locker Assignments Easy and Organized
  • Automate Locker Distribution
  • Assign Lockers to Groups
  • Block Groups for Future Assignments
  • Track Broken Lockers
  • Print Locker/Student Contracts
  • Print Locker Statistics
  • View Locker Status
  • Reissue Daily or Yearly

Contains Radar, Seeker, Tardy, and Pictures, to help with the following Student Data …
  • Name
  • Grade
  • Age
  • Photos
  • Class Schedule
  • Emergency Contact Info
  • Motivational Notes
  • Medical/Special Needs Info
  • Room Numbers
  • Teachers

Speed Students to Class

  • Scans Student IDs
  • Fast Name or DoB Lookup w/o IDs
  • Inputs Student Data from SIS
  • Print Tardy Slips OTA

Mobile Tardy Sweeps Around Campus

  • Scans Student IDs
  • Fast Name or DoB Lookup w/o IDs
  • Automatic Detention Generation
  • Print Tardy Slips OTA
  • Synchronize Tardy Sweeps OTA

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