Tools for School Administrators

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School ID
  • All IDs on Your iPhone
  • Create Student IDs from Photographer Pictures
  • Share IDs with Students, Parents, or Authorities
  • Take Photos of Students Missing Picture Day
  • Create IDs for New Students On The Spot
  • Carry Student "Mugbooks" on Your Phone

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Seeker for School Emergencies
  • Find & Release Students
  • Share with Other Administrators
  • Create Reports
  • All on your iPhones or iPads
  • All in Minutes
  • No Wireless Network

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Tardy Sweep for Late Students
  • Import your student roster
  • Share tardy and detention data with other admins
  • Create and send email tardy/detention reports
  • Set up periods, detention room, & tardy locations
  • Select periods for tardy sweeps
  • Assign a detention based on number of tardies.
  • Time/date/admin name stamps tardy slips

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