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    Tardy Sweep

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    Start by setting up some useful information that will be used during tardy sweeps.
    Add the name of the person performing the tardy sweeps.

    Protect the data by choosing a PIN.

    Set up your preference for automatically sending emails to student's guardians.

    Scroll down to see the bottom portion of the Prefs display.

    Set up rules to highlight students with repeated tardies.

    Select a threshold for applying detention based on the number of tardies accumulated.

    Pick a location for the tardy sweep to take place.

    Pick a room for the recipients of this tardy sweep to have detention.

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    Set up the periods/times for your school by selecting "Add/Edit/Delete Periods"

    Give each period a name you commonly use.

    Set the time and day of the week corresponding to that Period and return.

    Note that periods are valid for the student roster for which it is created. The periods in the example shown are only valid for the demo data set. Go to the bottom of this discussion to view how a CSV file should look extracted from your SIS.

    If you use another Good School Tool app, you can simply share the Roster between apps.

    Once you are happy with the set up for the periods for your school, return to Tardy Prefs.

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    Select "Period" for the Tardy Sweep under way.

    Select one of your preset Periods defined for this Roster of students.

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    Select "Tardy" to create a tardy for individual students.

    You may search for a student by first or last name, and enter only the first few letters to get a list of students with their pictures. Select one and you will create a tardy for that student for this period.

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    You may also scan a student's ID using their barcode to find the student.

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    If you selected to automatically email a tardy notification, one will be sent to the parent/guardian of record.

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    When a student reaches your preset threshold for tardies, a detention is automatically assigned.

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    Share Tardy data with other Tardy apps to enable staff to perform sweeps all around campus.

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    Share Tardy data with other Tardy apps to enable staff to perform sweeps all around campus.

    Note that cell phones must be "awake" for them to show up in the Air Drop menu.

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    Tardy reports may be emailed to others for record keeping.

    Demo Data Example in Excel.

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    Demo Data CSV Exported from Excel.

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    Demo Data CSV Imported.
    Select "Suggest Row Names" for Automatic Alignment (recommended).

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