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Rod Sheffield

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More statistics on school violence.
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Rod Sheffield

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School ID provides Suicide Prevention Info right on the student's smart phone. The info complies with recent California law. Custom info can also be made to support activity in other states.
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Rod Sheffield

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Read about how effective the Crisis Text Line we just added to School ID can be for teens.
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Tim Walton 4/12/19

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School ID is the first app to comply with the new California Suicide Prevention law.
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Rod Sheffield 4/10/19

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This is why we have added Suicide Lifeline info to School ID.
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Rod Sheffield 4/08/19

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Are Principals like a ship's Captain?
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Rod Sheffield 4/05/19

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Suicide victim sought the source of violence in the brain.
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Rod Sheffield 4/03/19

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There appear to be mixed reviews on school video surveillance.
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Rod Sheffield 4/01/19

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An interesting stand by students to use social media against gun violence.
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Rod Sheffield 3/29/19

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Oregon suicide legislation is in the works.
Here's why.

Rod Sheffield 3/27/19

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We hope the suicide hotline information in the upcoming School ID app will help parents too.
Here's why.

Rod Sheffield 3/25/19

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Our School ID app will add suicide hotline capability this Summer.
Here's why.

Rod Sheffield 3/22/19

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Turning teachers into police officers?
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Rod Sheffield 3/20/19

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Disturbing statistics on school safety spending.
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Rod Sheffield 3/18/19

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Our customers use Tardy Sweep during recess.
Recess is important.

Rick Good 3/15/19

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Where is my Child? I wrote this story to tell you why I wrote Seeker.
Read the story.

Rod Sheffield 3/13/19

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Do you remember what clique you were in?
See what has changed.

Rod Sheffield 3/11/19

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Our Seeker app helps organize all school drills.
Here's why.

Rod Sheffield 3/08/19

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All Good School Tools apps use decentralized student data.
Here's why.

Tim Walton 3/06/19

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A long time ago, in a School District far far away, student IDs were painstakingly crafted by a guild known as School
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Rod Sheffield 3/04/19

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Teen suicide is a tragedy. School ID will support this CA legislation by the July effective date. See the article here.

Rod Sheffield 3/01/19

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Our apps can help track students for many of these safety issues. See the article here.

Rod Sheffield 2/27/19

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Does a later start time help your students? See the article here.

Rod Sheffield 2/25/19

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Great use of the Internet during school shutdowns. See the article here.

Rod Sheffield 2/22/19

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Interesting use of online data and tuning for students. See the article here.

Rod Sheffield 2/20/19

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Washington legislators push non lethal safety. See the article here.

Rod Sheffield 2/18/19

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Even more students to track with our apps. Great job NYC! See the article here.

Rod Sheffield 2/15/19

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Rod Sheffield 2/13/19

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Struggling to fund school police force in the wake of violence. See the full article here.

Rod Sheffield 2/11/19

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Times have changed. See the full article here.

Rod Sheffield 2/8/19

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Here's how the effects of emergencies are being handled in WV. See the full article here.

Rod Sheffield 2/6/19

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Great information on emergency preparedness. See the full article here. Add our Seeker apps for a complete solution.

Rod Sheffield 2/4/19

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Will our schools still have a lunch program after the middle of February, or will our legislators be back fighting? See the full article here.

Rod Sheffield 2/1/19

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Indiana is working on a law to require all who graduate from school to take a citizenship test. Will this make our youth more cognizant of the facts of our country? See the full article here.

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